The Global English Education China Assembly (TCA) Special Topic Committees (STCs) function as dedicated hubs for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional development. They unite educators, researchers, and professionals who share a common passion or focus within the field of English language teaching. STCs meticulously plan events, conferences, and activities tailored to their specific focus, cultivating a sense of community and fostering professional development within that particular niche.
  Each STC represents a distinct area of interest, such as Research, Global Issues, Bilingual and Multilingual Education, and Teacher Development, providing a platform for members to delve deeper into their specific domains.
Content and Language Integration
The CLI STC is a pioneering community dedicated to advancing Content and Language Integration in both China and globally. The committee aims to extend the boundaries of language education methodologies like Immersion, CBI, CLIL, EMI, and ESP, positioning CLI as an innovative and research-driven approach. The CLI STC promotes CLI as a pedagogical paradigm to enhance students' language proficiency and disciplinary knowledge, fostering collaborative engagement among educators, researchers, and professionals through seminars, networking, resource-sharing, and publication opportunities. Join the CLI STC in shaping the future of foreign language education.
Directed by Prof. Junyue Chang (常俊跃) of Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Co-directed by Prof. Yang Xia (夏洋) of Dalian University
Global Competence
The Global Competence STC seeks to provide a platform for collaboration, resource-sharing, and discussions to advance the integration of global competence into educational practices, curricula, and policies. It focuses on equipping educators, professionals, and students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to navigate and engage effectively in an interconnected world. Key areas of emphasis include promoting cultural awareness, intercultural communication, global citizenship, and understanding diverse perspectives. Ultimately, this STC aims to contribute to the development of individuals who are well-prepared to thrive in a globalized and interdependent world.
Directed by Prof. Peng Wu (吴鹏) of Jiangsu University.
Bilingual & Multilingual Education
The Bilingual and Multilingual Education STC serves as a platform for educators, researchers, and professionals interested in promoting and advancing bilingual and multilingual approaches in education. It typically addresses issues and topics such as the development and implementation of bilingual and multilingual programs, language acquisition in educational settings, cultural and linguistic diversity in classrooms, effective teaching methodologies for multilingual learners, and the broader implications of bilingual education on educational systems and policies.
Directed by Prof. Fan Fang (方帆) of Shantou University.
English Medium Instruction & Language Policy
English Medium Instruction & Language Policy STC (EMILP STC) is a growing and dynamic community led by passionate educators, practitioners, administrators, policymakers, and researchers dedicated to advancing the practice of EMI and language-cum-multilingual policies in local, regional, and global education. It aims to provide a platform for insightful discussions on best practices, pedagogical strategies, and the nuanced dynamics of using English as a medium of instruction across diverse linguistic and cultural contexts. Join the EMILP STC, where language is not just a tool but a gateway to global communication and international excellence.
Directed by Prof. Zhisheng Wen (温植胜) of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, China
Co-directed by Dr. Sihan Zhou (周思菡) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Research & Publication
The Research and Publication STC is a platform and community of researchers, teachers, students, and educators who are interested and involved in English language teaching research. We discuss the latest developments in ELT research, encourage teachers and learners to get involved in doing research, support and organize events around the world, create opportunities for members to publish and share their research via our newsletter and other publications, host webinars, and develop links with and support teacher associations around the world.
Directed by Prof. Rining Wei (魏日宁) of Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University.
Task-Based Language Teaching
The TBLT STC is a vibrant community committed to researching and implementing Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) in China and abroad. With a global outlook, the TBLT STC strives to advocate for TBLT as a research-informed, intrinsically motivating, and practically viable approach to teaching and learning second and foreign languages. Additionally, it aims to promote educational equity and the well-being of students and teachers in this field. Through this inclusive platform, teachers and researchers will come together to benefit from research seminars, professional connections and networking, resource sharing, and publication opportunities.
Directed by Prof. Gavin Bui (贝晓越) of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, China
Global Issues
The Global Issues STC is a community and platform for critical English language educators who believe that how and what we teach really matters and shapes our world, inside and outside our classrooms. By promoting critical pedagogies within ELT, GISTC aims to empower and inspire language teachers and learners to challenge economic, social, and environmental injustice and to take action in our role as global citizens.
Directed by Prof. Lin Pan (潘琳) of Beijing Normal University.
Teaching Reading and Writing
Committed to fostering a love for reading and writing, R&W STC provides opportunities for collaboration, professional development, and the exchange of innovative ideas. Through engaging initiatives, the committee inspires a culture where literacy becomes a gateway to profound understanding, creativity, and lifelong learning, amplifying diverse voices and empowering individuals to navigate the world through the lens of literature and expression.
Directed by Prof. John Liang (梁建松), New York University Shanghai
AI and Technology-Empowered Language Education
ATLE is dedicated to advancing the frontiers of language pedagogy through the integration of cutting-edge AI technologies and other existing technologies. Our mission is to explore innovative AI applications that enhance language learning outcomes, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical language education. We are committed to creating an academic nexus that investigates the potential of AI in language education.
Directed by Prof. Angel Ma (马清) of Education University of Hong Kong, China
International Communication of Chinese Culture
The International Communication of Chinese Culture STC aims to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of Chinese culture on the global stage. Through various initiatives, including conferences, publications, and collaborative projects, the STC seeks to bridge cultural gaps, promote cross-cultural understanding and positive interactions, fostering dialogue and contributing to the global appreciation and recognition of Chinese cultural diversity.
Directed by Prof. Yang Mu (穆杨) of Beijing Language and Culture University.
Teacher Education and Development
TED provides a comprehensive platform for individuals keen on professional growth and teacher education, supporting English language teachers, teacher trainers, and educators in both pre-service and in-service teacher education. TEDSTC actively organizes talks and workshops, publishes compelling articles in newsletters and esteemed ELT journals, and nurtures a dedicated community committed to excellence in language education.
Directed by Prof. Honggang Liu (刘宏刚) of Soochow University.
English for Academic Purposes
The main focus of the EAPSTC is on English for Specific Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, and English for Occupational/Professional Purposes. Our main objective is to disseminate good practice in EAP (as well as EAP and EO/PP) through our membership. Furthermore, we aim to promote models of excellence in ESP to ELT professionals in China and abroad through workshops, seminars, and conferences, and through publishing the output in our journal and leading ELT journals and periodicals.
Directed by Prof. Bin Zou (邹斌), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.
Teaching Young Learners & Teenagers
TYLTSTC aims to lead, drive change, and set standards in teaching English as another language to children and teenagers (3 - 17 years old). This comprises best classroom practices, age-sensitive teacher education, and principled TYLT assessment. We hope to share age-relevant pedagogies, professional development opportunities, and resources as well as raising awareness about protecting children and teenagers learning English.
Directed by Prof. Barry Bai (白蕊), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China.