Better English teaching methods encouraged
作者:CAO CHEN  中国日报China Daily  日期:2019-07-28
Wang Chuming, a research professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, suggested educators put more effort into improving Chinese students’ English language skills. 

“Schools should nurture students to flexibly apply what they’ve learned to different contexts,” said Wang on Friday at the 2019 Global English Education China Assembly in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. 

He explained at the start of the three-day assembly  that  this  requires students to understand the  correct  use  of  the  language  to  express their meaning clearly in real life settings. 

“Recent  years  have  seen  great improvements in Chinese students’  English  language  skills,  but  it  is  obvious that English language education is still somehow exam­oriented in China,” Wang added. 

To tackle the issue, the industry needs more qualified teachers, including introducing native English speakers as instructors. “Teachers with advanced levels of English proficiency will provide students with a good English speaking environment where students learn to use the language, and in turn enhance teaching efficiency in class.”

Wang will deliver a speech on Saturday on how to adapt static linguistic knowledge to dynamic conversations. He pointed out that teaching should integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing in the teaching process to enhance teaching efficiency. 

Despite  challenges,  Wang stressed that the government has  attached  great  importance  to  English teaching through approaches  such  as  teacher  training  and  international exchanges. 

He added that international conferences on education also play vital roles in education enhancement. 

“This assembly, for instance, acts as a critical and valuable platform for teachers to share insights with their domestic peers.”

Wang Chuming, a research professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
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