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Source:i21st.cn  Date:2018-11-16

  Organized by China Daily in partnership with Hangzhou Municipal Government, Shanghai International Studies University, National Association of Foreign Language Education, the Chinese Society of Education and TESOL International Association, the 2019 Global English Education China Assembly is a high-level international English Language Teaching (ELT) event in China. It aims to promote scholarship and cross-cultural understanding among English educators in China, and to enhance dialogue between China’s ELT professionals with their peers worldwide.

  2019 Global English Education China Assembly will be held in Hangzhou, China on 26-28 July 2019. The Assembly will have twelve strands across a variety of keynote speeches, features, panels, workshops and demonstrations etc. Through face-to-face interaction with leading experts and opportunities for peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing, the assembly will provide participants with practical, research-based ideas, strategies, and tools to facilitate on-going improvement in their ELT work.

  With its natural beauty famous worldwide and its rich cultural heritage and traditions, Hangzhou is a welcoming and international city. Don't miss the ELT event of this July!

- Key Competencies Education
- Teacher Professional Development in the Age of Intelligent Education
- AI and Foreign Language Teaching
- Reading and Literacy 
- Content & Language Integrated Learning
- Task-based Language Teaching
- Testing and Assessment
- English Language Teaching to Young Learners
- College English Education
- English Education in Rural Areas
- Public Speaking and Oral English Teaching
- International Education and Global Exchange