2019 Global English Education China Assembly Call for Participation
来源:21英语网  日期:2018-11-15
Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for the 2019 Global English Education China Assembly. 
All proposals must be submitted online.  Mailed or faxed proposals will be not be accepted. If you have questions, e-mail to paper@i21st.cn

All Proposals: Wednesday, 15 May, 2019 12:00 pm EDT/ 24:00 pm GMT +08. To find the due date and time where you are, please click here. Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered. 

Submission Process
• Visit Web site at "Call for Participation 2019 Global English Education China Assembly."
• Follow the instructions to submit your proposal.
• After your proposal has been successfully submitted, you will receive a message confirming receipt of your submission online. You can also check the process in your registration account.
• Do not mail or fax a duplicate copy of your proposal.
Click here to see a copy of the proposal rating rubric that the reviewers will use to score the proposals. 

Proposal Strand/Focus 
- Key Competencies Education
- Teacher Professional Development in the Age of Intelligent Education
- AI and Foreign Language Teaching
- Reading and Literacy 
- Content & Language Integrated Learning
- Task-based Language Teaching
- Testing and Assessment
- English Language Teaching to Young Learners
- College English Education
- English Education in Rural Areas
- Public Speaking and Oral English Teaching
- International Education and Global Exchange 

Type of Session
  • Panel Discussion: 90-minute presentation+10-minute Q&A, 3–4 presenters
Multiple, short presentations and discussion on a current ELT issue focusing on practice, research, and/or advocacy. Proposals should include a synopsis of issue(s) and a plan for the topic and for each presentation (without listing presenters’ names). Panelists should be recruited prior to proposal submission.
  • Workshop: 45/90-minute presentation+10-minute Q&A, 1–6 presenters
Structured hands-on professional development activity tackling an issue or developing a specific teaching or research technique. Proposals should include session goals, a synopsis of the theoretical framework, and a description of workshop tasks and procedures. They should also provide interactive activities in which participants share information, participate in simulations, and/or create materials and action plans.
  • Demonstration: 40-minute presentation+10-minute review/comment, 1 presenter
A session for presenter to demonstrate a teaching design, teaching method or tips etc. by using video equipment individually. Presenter may submit a written teaching design and a real class video clip as required.
  • Paper Presentation: 20-minute presentation+5-minute Q&A, 1–2 presenters
Oral presentations that may be delivered individually or as part of a group discussion. Presenters share their ideas, experiences, and perspectives gleaned from their research, practice, or policy background and/or focus. These sessions provide the audience with opportunities for participation and engagement, and they serve as springboards stimulating further discussion, dialogue, reflection, and action. 
  • Poster Session: 90 minutes, 1–2 presenters
A summary of an academically sound, scholarly or creative project presented in a visually engaging format, highlighting work through charts, graphs, maps, etc. Proposals should include the main topic(s) and description of the visual display. Presenter(s) should plan on short, informative discussions with convention attendees throughout the entire poster session.

Submission Requirements
Presenters are encouraged to submit and present all in English, including:
  • Session Title (10 words max)
  • Session Summary (50 words max)
  • Session Description (500 words max)
  • Presenter(s) Bio Summary (50 words each presenter)  
download 2019 TESOL China Assembly Presenter Guidelines